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Kayaking is a very admired water sport, which is loved by people from dissimilar ages. Many people are using a kayak to touring, roam on the water for recreational or fishing purpose. One of the most vital things about kayaking is the comfortability.

A good comfortable seat can assist you to have a pleasing kayaking time. This is why you require a suitable & best kayak seat for an epic kayaking time.

If you don’t contain a good kayak seat, Kayaking can be very rough. This is particularly true for the anglers, as they contain to sit for a long time while fishing. There are numerous factors to check to get an outstanding kayak seat.

Why do You Need the Best Kayak Seat?

Most of the kayak seat reviews show that there are more than a few reasons to capture the best kayak seat for your kayak. Let’s observe several of the significant reasons in a bullet point list

  • To have padded option for more comfort
  • To get the proper comfort you deserve
  • To have proper right back hold up
  • To be able to kayak for an extensive time without fatigue
  • To ensure proper or fast paddling speed
  • Sometimes to have foldable or tough material seat
  • To have better & appropriate stability
  • To get extra storage to keep small stuff

Since, now you know why kayak seat is so important, it’s time now to buckle up and check the best kayak seat reviews. We have gathered a total 12 best kayak seat after in-depth research and consideration over the material, manufacturer and users review. Let’s check them out.

Best Kayak Seat: Editor’s Pick

  • Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat

  • Padded back for comfort
  • Heavy duty clips
  • Heavy duty clips
  • Fit most Ocean kayak models
  • Uv-resistant nylon pack
  • Leader Accessories Deluxe Kayak Seat

  • Deluxe Molded foam kayak seat
  • 2 straps in front
  • 2 Rear Straps
  • Accommodate most any kayak
  • Supports your back and butt
  • Pactrade Marine Adjustable Kayak Seat

  • Adjustable front and rear straps
  • Non-slip contoured padded slip surface
  • Detachable back pack
  • Bag to store most kayak accessories
  • Neoprene+600D polyester

Best Kayak Seat Reviews: Our Top Pick

Among those 12 kayak seat, we have selected the top three. They are categorized based on the price, quality and our recommendation as well.

Product 1: Best Pick

Ocean Kayak Console Plus Seat Back


Extra foam padding provides the console & support, while the four-way adjustability gives a convention fit for approximately any-body category. It is created of durable, UV resistant nylon pack cloth with reinforced stays for rough seat creation.

It has reflective logos that illumine in the dark after contact to sunlight & solid brass clips through stainless steel springs, easy to clip on your kayak.

This kayak seat is an excellent choice & to be honest, one of my most favorite kayak seats on the market. The alteration ability is excellent & it will help you to sit down in more console able ways.


  • 4-way adaptable mounting strap for adjustability
  • Padded back for support
  • The thoughtful logo offers high visibility for security measures
  • Great toughness
  • Brass swivel buckled for attachment


  • You may have to re-adjust after several hours
  • Not a Console PRO model

Product 2: Editor’s Choice

Leader Accessories Delux Kayak Seat


Leader accessories has a very good character in the water sports world. One of their wonderful products is this deluxe kayak seat. It’s a deluxe molded foam seat to be used on kayaks. The delux kayak seat will provide support to kayaker’s back & bottom. You will get a good amount of soothe for kayaking peacefully.

There are 2 straps in the front & 2 in the back to provide a great adjustability. Delux kayak seat approaches at a very reasonable price. You get a good combination of toughness, console & quality at an honest price.


  • Supports kayaker’s back & bottom, provides great console
  • 2 strap in the front & 2 in strap in the rear for greater adjustability
  • Adaptable webbing
  • Suitable for long trip
  • Very competitive price


  • Bottom could be better
  • Poor customer service

Product 3: Best Value

Pactrade Marine Adaptable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat


This is an adaptable padded kayak seat with a detachable back pack/ bag on the back for the seat. This seat is proper for most kayaks & canoes & this is for sit-on-top kayak paddlers. This high quality kayak seat provides paddlers a relaxed kayaking experience. The separable back pack is able to store most of the kayak garnishes or lunch boxes.


  • Adaptable front & rear straps
  • Non-slip contoured padded slip exterior
  • Separable back pack/ bag to store most kayak accessories & lunch boxes
  • Inter layer: EVA foam + PE plate
  • Material: neoprene+600D polyester


  • The straps are not set up correctly
  • The seat is not near as console able as the old seat.

Best Kayak Seat Reviews: 9 Kayak Seat for the Money in 2017

Therefore, we have just reviewed the top three kayak. Did you like them? Do they fall under your considerations? Are you looking for more choices with quality and lower price range? Don’t worry. You will surely find your best kayak seat from the rest 9 kayak seat reviews given below.

Docooler Deluxe Padded Kayak / Boat Seat


This kayak seat is padded & deluxe. It is made to fit most kayaks & canoes & make your water sports safe & enjoyable. One of the best choices for kayak lover before going out on enjoyment with kayaking.


  • Heavy duty deluxe padded kayak seat
  • 600D polyester & neoprene material.
  • Contoured padded backrest & padded base are soft & antiskid
  • High backrest design brings additional console.
  • The front & back straps with four nautical grade stainless brass snap hooks
  • This seat is made to fit most kayaks & canoes


  • It’s a little stiff at the bottom
  • Narrow lower side

Harmony Standard Sit-On-Top Seat


Upgrade your kayaking console with the Harmony Standard Sit-On-Top Seat. Created to fit most sit-on-top kayaks, the seat is articulated for finest console, & you can regulate the back band while seated to modify an ideal fit. The seat presents a half-inch layer of foam cushioning, and is covered with tough nylon fabric.


  • Soft & supportive seat fits most sit-on-top kayaks
  • Skid defiant bottom
  • Fully adaptable
  • Articulated design for console
  • Includes corrosion-resistant hardware


  • Very expensive
  • Narrow lower side
  • Less console able for pro use

Deluxe Molded Foam Kayak Seat with detachable back packs


Kayak Fishing Seat. Backpack approaches with 2 rod holders. The Deluxe Molded Foam kayak seat looks like it goes in a high-end sports car more willingly than a kayak with its deep molded center panels & the contrasting black molded foam perimeter padding.

It has novel widened rear attachment straps for even extra solid positioning, which helps prevent seat slippage. The ergonomically molded 18” tall back piece of the deluxe kayak seat presents maximum high back support encouraging an addionational day of kayaking without having to agonize about ample back support.


  • Detachable cushion to lift seat higher & rigid back support.
  • Looks like it belongs in a high-end sports car & prevent seat slippage.
  • Presents max high back support heartening a long day of kayaking
  • Comes with a generous removable zipper pack that has two solid plastic patterned fishing rod holders incorporated into it.


  • Less relaxed for pro use
  • slim lower back side

Surf to Summit Outfitter Series Kayak Seat


Standard outfitter kayak seat is an immense kayak seat to be used for a balanced back support & toughness. This kayak seat comes at a very sensible price with useful features. This kayak seat has a very high toughness to last for a long time. Built of layered fabric, foam, & plastic, it is compression molded at 400F & 60 tons of pressure. The blueprint of this kayak seat is pretty basic & simple. The adjustment attachment system allows adaptable console.


  • Very competitive price
  • Made of layered fabric, foam, & plastic
  • Compression molded at 400F & 60 tons of pressure
  • A good blend of console & toughness
  • Adaptable attachment system for customizable console


  • Very simple design
  • Not for pro use

High-Back Gel Paddle Saddle P3


This gel-filled seat cushion allows you to stay on the water longer in console. YakPads proprietary console gel padding is soft enough to provide dramatic improvements in console, yet thin adequate that it doesn’t elevate your center of gravity. Back rests attach easily using rapid snap buckles.


  • Reduced pressure points & distributed pressure for kayaker’s seat
  • Lycra covered to neoprene seating surface
  • Protects lower back from chafing & “spine rub”
  • Insulates paddler from cold seat
  • Gel-filled seat padding for hard Touring kayak seats


  • Costly for simple use
  • Makes the Kayak unstable during driving

Skwoosh Big Catch High back Kayak seat


This kayak seat comes with a high back support for console able kayaking over extensive time. This is a dedicated kayak seat for fishing reason. For fishing benefits, this kayak seat comes with a removable fishing pack with two rod holders & 3 Plano efficacy boxes. Thus, you get to remain your fishing gear safe and ready to utilize.

You can regulate the 20” tall high back sustains with the side wings. It is padded to provide extra console to the users. This kayak seat utilizes tekPad Fluidized gel for pressure relieving for console able seating. The toughness of this kayak seat is pretty high.


  • Detachable handled pack with two rod holder & 3 Plano utility boxes
  • Excellent toughness
  • Fishing pac
  • 20″ high padded back support for console
  • The D-Rings can be utilized to attach more gears


  • Expensive
  • Makes the Kayak unstable during driving

Sea Eagle Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat


Sea Eagle Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat features is extremely durable, lightweight, & perfect for all your adventures on the water. 14-inch-wide x 21-inch-deep x 19 inch tall. Folded dimension about 14″ x 9″ x 4″ A great inflatable seat that provides additional back support for rowing, paddling, or fishing. permits you to sit 5″ off the floor with 14 inch of back support.


  • Novel design for superior back support
  • Contains rear pocket for additional storage
  • Allows you to sit 5″ off the floor with 14″ of back support.


  • Simple design
  • Narrow for wide hips
  • Make the boat unstable

Ocean Kayak Comfort Pro Backrest


Take your Ocean Kayaks sit-on-top kayak out for the day & stay console able with the Console Pro Backrest. The thermo-molded foam maintains your back so you can settle out longer. Ocean Kayaks offered the Console Pro Backrest a padded seat, too, so you not only stay console able, you stay drier.


  • Console able thermo-formed EVA foam back band & seat pad
  • Mounting straps offered
  • Brass swivel buckles for attachment


  • It’s not for heavy people
  • Very complicated design

iROCKER Inflatable Paddle Board Kayak Seat


iROCKER Kayak Seat friendly with the iROCKER line of inflatable stand up paddle boards. This kayak seat is made to be utilized with the iROCKER brand but is also companionable with many other inflatable SUP’s as extensive as they are Created with the D-rings on the board used to attach a kayak seat.


  • 4 straps & clips, 2 on each side keeps the kayak seat safe to your paddle board.
  • Highest quality material utilized in order to offer the most back support.
  • Made for maximum console & toughness.


  • Becomes inconsolable for the kayaker.
  • Kayak becomes unstable.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Kayak Seat?

We know you have loads of question in your mind. Before jumping onto the Google search engine, wait for a bit and let us help you with a guideline, by following what you can recognize the best kayak seat any time. So, let’s start now. Reserve your queries till the end of the buying guide.

Reviewing the Two Kinds of Kayaks

Although there are numerous subgenres of kayaking & kayak kinds, all of these fall into two major categories, or kayak kinds which are distinct from their physical characteristics: recreational kayaks & sports kayaks.

The 1st step of buying a kayak seat on online is determining which kind of kayak seat is needed based on the kind of kayak with which it will be used.

The table below outlines these two major blueprint kinds & the physical traits which set them apart from one another.

Recreational kayak

Also Called sea or Touring kayak. Casual use for photography, fishing, exercise in calm waters. Physical features are Long, stable, room for cargo & able to two passengers. Hard, smooth chimes & flat hull .it has Efficient paddlers with big turning radius. May be to sit inside vessels or permit riders to sit on top as in a canoe.

Sport kayak

Also called White water kayak. There are many using this kind of kayak such as Sporting use in fast-moving water prone to wake, short, not as stable, but strong & maneuverable, soft chime & rounded hull, ‘Sit inside’ vessels only
Since the reason & design of these two categories of kayaks is so distinct, buying a seat for a kayak is very dissimilar in all case.

diverse kinds of kayak seats may be more or less appropriate for each model. Therefore, buyers require to take the time to evaluate their vessels & their needs before moving on in the purchasing process.

Evaluating Kayak Seats

After reviewing the kind of kayak that one owns & the kind of kayak atmosphere in which it is going to be utilized, there are supplementary factors that a buyer must think that are precise to a kayak seat itself.

These factors contain the benefits of these seats, and consequently traits to observe when shopping, as well as the kind of seats that are generally available. Online presents a wide variety of kayak seats from many sellers all over Australia & the world.

That is why taking the time to appraise this step is so vital before moving on to online itself.

Benefits of a New Kayak Seat

Kayak seats give a number of benefits to riders that most 1st timers overlook when initially purchasing their kayaks. Indeed, kayaks usually come with an effortless, non-backed, plastic/fiberglass seat that is molded into the boat itself. This seat is efficient & completely suitable for short, relaxed trips in a kayak.

However, as owners become more invested in the sport, the need for extra comfort & additional benefits does arise. There are four major benefits in addition to essential soothe that come from investing in kayak seat. They are:

  • Increased stability
  • Increased maneuverability
  • Back support
  • Better paddling performance/efficiency

After taking essential kayaks out on the water a few times, maximum riders intrinsically wish for the benefits outlined beyond, which is why choosing to invest in a kayak seat is often easy. However, the sheer number of seat kinds available may make that decision slightly more complex.

Types of Kayak Seats

Some best kayak seat reviews quickly reveal that there are many different options available on the market today. And though each of these selections offers a distinct benefit to the rider, knowing which one is right is actually an exercise in individual needs & kayaking styles.

Basic Kayak Seats

This kind is ideal for the weekend, kayakers just looking for the increased console in order to prolong their tours. These seats are best utilized in recreational kayaks, although, since their main purpose, soothe, is less of a priority in sports kayaking. According to the best kayak seat reviews, this is the best choice for all the buyers.

Deluxe Kayak Seats

comparable to a basic seat, what sets a deluxe seat apart is usually the price point. As such, these seats give greater comfort as well as a range of positions & ergonomic settings for the advanced kayaker. These seats are suitable for both a recreational kayak as well as a sporting model, though each seat diverges.

Tall Back Kayak Seats

As the surname implies, tall back seats are a great choice for taller individuals or those who are flat to a superior deal of back pain & discomfort during long kayak tours. The precise size of a tall back kayak seat depends on the manufacturer, but they usually range from 38-50 centimeters.

Fishing Kayak Seats

Recreational kayakers who utilize their vessels predominantly for fishing trips should consider seats made especially for this endeavor. Normally offering the capability to pivot so that a fishing line can be cast in numerous directions as well as enhanced soothe for sitting still, these seats make a fishing trip much more relaxed in a kayak.

Inflatable Kayak Seats

The last general selection to consider is an inflatable kayak seat. As the name describes, these seats are incredibly portable & lightweight. These identical traits create inflatable kayak seats a great selection for sporting kayaks that rely on the capability to maneuver quickly, which added weight can prevent.

How do You Select the Right Kayak Seat to Suit Your Requirements?

In this guide, we have provided a few significant factors that you need to think when you are out looking for a novel kayak seat.


The most fundamental reason to get a better kayak seat is their ability to give necessary comfort. If your kayak seat is not relaxed, you will have a tough time on the water. It will acutely affect your paddling practice. Grab a kayak seat which presents other additional support to give comfort to the kayakers.


Just like the last point, this one is to provide extra comfort to the users. A good kayak seat will constantly come with necessary & sufficient cushioning to make you feel comfortable.

This is why you require choosing a kayak seat which presents a good amount of cushioning. Cushioning can be utilized in numerous places of a kayak. A padded seat will avoid your leg freezing & permit to keep active. Some kayak seat comes with self-adhesive cushioning & some might in strap-in option.

The size of cushioning on your kayak seat greatly matters. It will be wise to purchase a seat with a broad cushion that is enough to offer you with support without being soft. With a relaxed seat, you will find it very simple to distant fish & new waters.

The best kayak seat should provide you with adequate padding on the bottom of the seat to give you with comfort. This will circumvent cases of your legs not having the necessary circulation. There is a multiplicity of seat cushioning that are available. The most commonly used kind of seat cushioning includes the self-adhesive & strap-on seat cushions.


Stability is a crucial thing to consider, especially for kayak anglers. A good kayak seat will supply you the necessary stability to fish calmly. Grab a kayak seat which offers a good balance between your weight & stability.


Most of the kayak seats contain good durability. though, some might start to offer poor service after numerous usage. This is why getting the best kayak seat with better stability is a must for recurrent kayakers.

Extra Storage

If you love to keep several of your stuff at a closer distance, then this feature will come very handy to you.


A good kayak seat approaches at a very polite price range. However, dedicated kayak seat might request you to spend more than an informal one.

You can check our preferred best kayak seat price from the assessment chart. What is the supreme price for the best kayak seat today?

You do not have to worry about spending a lot of money in buying a kayak seat. Many paddlers do not need incurring additional expenses when purchasing a kayak seat. There are enormous deals on websites like Amazon where you can obtain a quality seat with up to $$. These kinds of seats will last for a long period of time if they are handled carefully.


It takes about 2 hours to install a high-performance seat, though it can take much less time if you’re used to repairing kayaks. Even if you don’t require to restore your old seat, you may desire to consider a new seat, because they’re much more relaxed & the built-in back band is great.


Kayaking is an amazing & exhilarating hobby that captivates thousands of Aussies every year. Whether participating in recreational kayaking on still waters or sports kayaking among the rapids, there are numerous great locations to explore throughout this country. Though, as kayakers become more qualified the require for comfort & other luxuries while in a kayak turn into vital.

Among the numerous kayak accessories that supply this soothe, kayak seats are most popular because they permit much-needed comfort for long rides along with additional benefits such as back support & increased efficiency while paddling.

If you are using your kayak mainly for fishing or you are a pretty lofty person, you may want to buy a new kayak seat to fit those circumstances. By not only knowing the kinds of kayak seats typically available but also how to buy them on online, getting a great kayak seat is both easy & fun. 

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