Best goalkeeper gloves 2017 With Ultimate Buying Guide


For a keeper, gloves are the most important equipment that works with you to help make sure that ball never goes through to the net. The gloves can act in many ways as big assistance to your role at that post.

Gloves are a million types and how to differentiate them is by how good they are, concerning their effectiveness and important features.

Some of the things most important in a football glove include grip, back side, gusset, inner lining, material, durability, protection ability among other factors.

In this article, we are going to review ten of the best football gloves in the market today. Don’t shop from a blind point of view when getting a glove, after reading this you will know how to choose and which to choose.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves: Editor’s Pick

  • Select Sport Goalkeeper Gloves

  • Flexible finger spines
  • Flat cut palm
  • Easy on/off wrist opening
  • Supportive and adjustable latex straps
  • Heat treated latex design
  • Vizari Junior Match Glove

  • Top quality junior glove
  • soft duplatex latex foam palm
  • Fully embossed EVA backhand
  • Elastic wrist closure
  • EVA wristband
  • Brine King Goalkeeper Gloves

  • Breathable mesh glove body
  • Print embossed EVA backhand
  • New improved BACKBONE protection
  • Wrapped thumb
  • Wrapped backhand improves glove shape and comfor

 Top Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Buying a glove will and a good, excellent glove at that, you will need to go through an array of gloves to be able to settle on one that you think appeals best to you. The list below is of 10 goalkeeper gloves that we think are the best.

After going through them, you can be assured you will find one that will impress you. It also includes their features and pros and cons.

Vizari Junior Match Glove


Quality has to be among the number one factors to consider in choosing anything and a goalkeeper glove as well.

The quality in this glove is likely to leave you smiling. From its make, to design and comfort. These are the kind we call top quality, and for sure it doesn’t fail to deliver, it delivers just as it boasts.

The glove needs to feel nice comfortable and kind on the hands. Without which the wearer would suffer injuries including blisters and bruises.

The makers of this gloves understood this fact very well, and that is the reason the gloves are made with a soft duplatex latex foam palm. This not only ensures efficiently but care for the hands of the wearer.

The backhand also cannot be ignored and dismissed. It needs to be of high quality and have a good design that is attractive and appealing. This glove is made with fully embossed EVA backhand. It also boasts an elastic wrist closure with EVA wristband.


  • Top quality junior glove
  • Soft duplatex latex foam palm
  • Fully embossed EVA backhand


  • The palms may wear out fast

Adidas Performance Ace Fingersave Junior Goalie Gloves


Cushioning and comfort are very important for a goalkeeper in his/ her gloves. It makes sure the keeper is not hurt and at the same time comfortable enough to give the keeper peace of mind to concentrate on keeping the ball on the other side of the net.

These gloves are made with all round palm for best grip, cushioning and comfort in all kinds of weather conditions.

The cut of a football glove refers to the way the palm material is constructed. These gloves have a positive cut which is there to make sure the gloves have a comfortable fit and that the contact area with the ball is good and enough.

The effectiveness of the football gloves comes as a result of perfection in many quarters and these gloves take care of this quite well. They have Fingersave spines which stiffen and resist pressure when pushed backward to make sure that ball deflection is more effective.

Ease of movement has to be guaranteed as well in a glove, and that is why the Adidas Performance Ace Fingersave Junior Goalie Gloves have vented wrist cuff for freedom of movement and easy entry. The wrist is also a full wrap for a custom fit.


  • All round palm
  • Positive cut
  • Fingersave spines
  • Vented wrist cuffs
  • 63% polyester and 37% polyurethane


  • There is only one color and design to choose from.

Youth and Adult Goalie goalkeeper Gloves


The Youth and Adult Goalie goalkeeper Gloves are made with very high-quality latex material that gives the gloves extra comfort and kindness on the hands.

It is also strong enough to withstand the hard hits and pressure of a competition and training. The glove provides breathability, reduces sweating and is lightweight. On top of all this, it has a very comfortable fit.

If your football glove cannot help you save then what’s the need for it in the first place. The Youth and Adult Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves have an anti- slip feature that makes sure the ball stays in your hands when it is needed to.

Furthermore, the wear resistant latex material on the palm gives strong control and grip when handling the ball even when in wet conditions. The cut as well gives great ball contact for toughest saves.

The player needs to be taken care of at every instance. The gloves need to be kind on the hands smooth and enabling.

These gloves have a new improved backbone finger save system that works to prevent against hyper- extension and finger injury. Extremely thick padded latex foam offer cushioning protection to the palm.


  • Tough but comfortable at the same time
  • Anti- slip, wear- resistant palm
  • Positive cut for great ball contact
  • Finger and palm protection
  • Double wrist safeguard


  • Only three colors to choose from

Reusch Soccer Receptor RG Finger Support Junior Goalkeeper Glove 


It is almost an imperative measure for a glove to have a good grip to be able to keep the ball in the hands nicely when held.

The Reusch Soccer Receptor RG Finger Support Junior Goalkeeper Glove is no exception. It comes with a latex RG resist grip that is designed to hold up well on tougher playing surfaces.

The backhand on this glove just like every other good glove has some good effort put into it. It is made with a soft PU which is a hard wearing material that works well to protect the wearer form injury and hurt in a game or practice.

If the material making up the backhand is not tough, enough it might end inhibiting the keeper from performing his/ her role excellently.

The support stays off the Reusch Soccer Receptor RG Finger Support Junior Goalkeeper Glove are flexible. They run up the back of the fingers and thumb, reducing the chance for injury.

So as you play, you are guaranteed enough or even extra protection from your glove. You can play without fear of injury.


  • Latex RG resist grip
  • Soft PU backhand
  • Reusch finger support stays


  • Not very breathable.

 Reusch Soccer Pulse Pro M1 Ortho- Tec Junior Goalkeeper Glove


In matters of quality and material making up the glove, the Reusch Soccer Pulse Pro M1 Ortho- Tec Junior Goalkeeper Glove is an expert leveling the rest of the high-quality gloves in the market.

The Reusch’s M1 Mega grip foam is of very high quality and the extremely soft latex foam has excellent properties that can be used in various weather conditions.

The AirVent system in this gloves uses highly breathable Air mesh material that works to make the glove more comfortable and offer a good feel for the user.

For the keeper to be able to catch the ball nicely and hold it without losing grip then the glove has to assist him/ her as well.

The Dual rolled expanse cut ESS (Ergonomic Support System) helps the fingers be pre splayed; which means that the fingers are spread so that the keeper has a good and stable hand position on the ball.

The glove needs to be taken care of well. This is why the Reusch Soccer Pulse Pro M1 Ortho- Tec Junior Goalkeeper glove has a pull loop system that provides a pull loop strap on the glove wrist which lets keepers wear the gloves without damaging the glove.


  • High-quality foam
  • AirVent system
  • Ergonomic support system
  • Pull loop system for longer lasting
  • Stay system allowing for flexibility and customization.


  • No different colours to choose from

 Adidas Performance Ace Training Goalie Glove


In a football glove, the cut is very important as it determines how the palm of the glove looks and it effectiveness in performing its functions.

The Adidas Performance Ace Training Goalie Glove is made with a dynamic cut that provides a good grip on the glove making sure you don’t lose your ball when it’s already in your hands.

Aside from this, the glove also needs to be soft and smooth. It needs to offer a comfortable texture and feel. This glove is made with a soft grip so that it is not just a firm grip, but also a soft and smooth one as well.

The palm of the glove has to say a lot about the glove as a whole. The material making up the palm will determine first, how long it lasts and also how effective it is at its job.

The Adidas Performance Ace Training Goalie Glove palm is made of latex, just the right material for a good palm.


  • Dynamic Cut
  • Soft grip zone
  • Latex palm
  • Elastic Bandage


  • The wrist wraps may not be breathable
  • No different colors and designs to choose from

 Brine King Match 3X Goalkeeper Gloves


It is important that any football glove to be made in such a way that it is breathable so that the user is not uncomfortable using the glove during a game or during practice.

That is why these gloves are made with breathable mesh glove body and finger gussets so that as the keeper you don’t suffer painful and closed up sweating that makes the whole experience uncomfortable in turn destructing the keeper.

The fingers also need to be well taken care of and considered when designing and making the glove. There needs to be good protection and room to move around and be flexible in.

This is why the Brine King Match 3X Goalkeeper gloves are made with new improved backbone protection system which helps prevent hyper- extension during a game.

The glove’s backhand as well has to be well considered. Apart from being stylish and attractive, it has to be one that is made of the right material to last long, have the right shape and design to empower the goalkeeper to make his/ her work effective.

These gloves have laterally wrapped backhand which improves both the shape and comfort of the glove. On the field, you will not worry about how the glove feels all you will be able to concentrate on is keeping that ball where it is supposed to be; away from the net.


  • Breathable mesh glove body
  • Print embossed EVA backhand
  • Backbone protection system
  • Wrapped thumb for optimum ball contact
  • Laterally wrapped backhand for improved shape and comfort


  • The foam palms may start to come off.

 Reusch Soccer Receptor RG Finger Support Goalkeeper Glove


The maker of this glove understood pretty well that for any glove that performs wonderfully, everyone will need one that lasts long so that they can continue enjoying its benefits for a longer period.

Because of this, this goalkeeper glove is made with latex RG resist grip that is designed to take shocks from everyday playing and practice pretty well. Thus you don’t worry about durability with this glove.

For a goalkeeper, the fingers are a very important part of the whole process of goalkeeping and therefore apart from just being flexible they should be well protected inside the glove.

The Reusch Soccer Receptor RG Finger Support Goalkeeper Glove support stays are finger protectors that are flexible and that run up the back of the fingers and thumb reducing any chances of injury.

The backhand is also an important part of the glove, and it should be tough, durable stylish and protect the keeper’s hand.  The backhand of this glove is made with a soft PU which is a hard wearing material.


  • Tough durable material
  • Tough backhand as well
  • Flexible finger protectors


  • The glove may not be very breathable.

 Select Sport America 3 Youth Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves


Flexibility and stability are probably the most important factors to consider for a goalkeeper at the post.

The gloves as well need to be ones that enable this quite well, and that is why the Select Sport America 3 Youth Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves are made with flexible finger spines that not only add protection but also ensure stability.

The cut in a glove says a lot as well about the glove. It may determine the grip and effectiveness of the glove. The Select Sport America 3 Youth Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves has a flat cut palm and heat treated latex designed to play on artificial turf surfaces.

Ease of operation makes a player either use a product or dismiss it for its complexity. Too much complexity drives attention from the main agenda of the equipment.

This glove has a very easy on/ off wrist wrap, and you thus don’t have to waste too much time getting your gloves on or taking them off.


  • Flexible finger spines
  • Flat cut palm
  • Heat treated latex design
  • Easy on/ off wrist wrap
  • Supportive and adjustable latex straps


  • There is no variety of color designs to choose from.

Reusch Soccer Pulse S1 Finger Support Goalkeeper Glove


The palm is usually the first or second thing everyone looks at when shopping for a goalkeeper’s gloves. That’s why gloves like this one will score high on the best gloves list.

The Reusch’s R1 super soft grip foam is a very high-quality palm that is made from natural latex that would work best in a natural grass fields.

The finger support stays of the Reusch Soccer Pulse S1 Finger Support Goalkeeper Glove are finger protectors that are flexible and that run up the back of the fingers and thumb. This helps to reduce injury to the goalkeeper.

The back of this glove is super soft made of latex and has an embossed design which makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints.


  • High-quality latex palm
  • Flexible finger protectors
  • Super soft latex back
  • Embossed design, increasing flexibility at breaking points.


  • If not very careful with the wrist area, a few people have complained of ripping.

Things To Consider When Buying A Goalkeeper Gloves

Things To Consider When Buying A Goalkeeper Gloves

When finding a football glove, do you just pick any that looks good on the shelves or picture? What makes a good glove?

The five things to consider below might give you an idea of what to look for in an excellent football glove.


When at a game, as a goalkeeper the glove you are wearing needs to be one that has an impressive grip so that when you hold the ball in your hand, the idea of slipping or sliding off is not an option.

The grip is determined by a lot of things, and in every case, it is very important in performing goalkeeper roles effectively. If the ball is not firm in your hands when you hold it then keeping it from going into the net becomes tough.


The backhand is a very important part of the whole goalkeeper glove. In cases of a block or a punch, it protects the keeper from hurt and injury. This is the part also where much of the beautification designs are done.

The material is making up the backhand many times may determine the price of the glove. Less expensive gloves have a single form layer while the best gloves are made of latex material.


Fingers are cardinal in catching the ball and keeping it at bay from the net. How the fingers fit in the glove, therefore, becomes a significant matter. Fit has a big role to play, and many keepers have different preferences.

Others like it fitting loosely so that they can enjoy the freedom of movement while other think it is better to have it tightly fitting because they feel it provides security and control. Either way, you can find gloves of your choice around if you shop well.

Fit And Sizing

As said before fit is important and everyone has a preference of their own for which fit they find most empowering. Size is also another important issue that makes up a good glove or mediocre one.

Generally, goalkeeper gloves should be roomy being about half tot one inch past the end of your fingertips. Tightly fitting gloves are more prone to blowouts and holes around the fingers and palms.


For anything, the material making it up is a major factor to consider. The strength and longevity of any goalkeeper glove is majorly dependent on the kind of material making up the glove.

The glove may be made of rubber or latex or a combination of both. Usually, roughness in the palm of a glove is as a result of more rubber than latex making up the glove.

Final Words

After this long analysis, anyone would be in a better position to determine which glove they think works best for them.

I would recommend any one of the above ten for anyone looking to find a good glove that will service you well and for a long time.

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